Espruino Pico : a JavaScript development board

This piece of hardware is the Espruino Pico which is designed to be programmed in Javascript ,the Pico is designed to plug right into you computer’s USB type A connector, or a USB extension lead.

If you want to develop in JavaScript then this is an ideal little development board to get you started, there is an easy to use online development environment.

There are a lot of examples available on the espruino website, with many sensors and modules supported and code examples on how to use these libraries

There are also many tutorials available on the website covering various pieces of hardware

If you already program in JavaScript then this may be the board an development environment for you but for others that are used to other development tools and languages then you may want to stay with them.

espruino pico
espruino pico



Here is a look at the basic features

  • 33mm x 15mm (1.3 x 0.6 inch)
  • 22 GPIO pins : 9 Analog inputs, 21 PWM, 2 Serial, 3 SPI, 3 I2C
  • All GPIO is 5 volt tolerant (Arduino compatible)
  • 2 rows of 9 0.1″ pins, with another row of 8 0.05″ pins on the end
  • On-board USB Type A connector
  • Two on-board LEDs and one button.
  • STM32F401CDU6 32-bit 84MHz ARM Cortex M4 CPU
  • 384kb flash, 96kb RAM
  • On-board 3.3v 250mA voltage regulator, accepts voltages from 3.5v to 16v




Older versions of Windows won’t automatically load the built-in driver for USB COM ports.

You’ll have to download ST’s USB driver

  • Windows 10 users should need no drivers. The board will plug in and be recognised immediately.
  • Non-Windows XP users download version 1.4.0 drivers. Unzip the file, run the executable, and then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\Virtual comport driver in Windows Explorer and double-click either dpinst_amd64.exe for 64 bit systems, or dpinst_x86.exe for 32 bit.
  • Windows XP users download version 1.3.1 drivers. Unzip the file, run VCP_V1.3.1_Setup.exeand then go to C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\Software\Virtual comport driver in Windows Explorer and double-click the executable.


Just plug it into your computer and get started in seconds with the Web IDE


About £39 or $50 from the links below

Site Link Espruino Pico(Unpinned) 3.5-16V
Amazon UK Seeedstudio Espruino Pico(unpinned)